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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homeschool Matzah Bakery… with friends!

Isn’t everything better with a friend or two???

matza 003

Yum!  Cream cheese on homemade matzah – the ones that didn’t burn to a crisp, that is…

 matza 004

Not perfect, but yummy.  And a few lessons learned for next time – over here on my bread blog!


Isreview said...

Very cool that you make Matzot with them:)
Thanks for the tips on your other post "lessons learned"

Shady Lady said...

We'll be having very non-traditional matzah this year. With gluten issues in our house, we had to figure something out. We'll be making grain free crackers, using nuts and seeds. I don't think they'll work well for the three matzot, but I had a brilliant idea! Princess has a Passover play set. There are three matzot, including one that is a two piece puzzle. We'll used that symbolically. I thought that was pretty clever. :)