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Monday, September 19, 2011

He DREW!!!


At the age of 3.9, after being told that the printer was out of paper so I couldn’t make him any more worksheets to cut up, Gavriel Zev finally drew!

He drew two people, a “doggie,” a “catty” and a moose.  And then cut them out, of course.  He LOVES paper dolls.  The construction paper he picked up already had shoulders and a neck drawn on it – I envy people who can keep their craft supplies pristine! – so that explains the big guy in the centre with the really nice head, neck and shoulders.

But as with walking (which he did at around 21 months), I seriously never thought he would spontaneously pick up a marker and draw for pleasure.  I am glad that the results were reasonably close to recognizable.  Hopefully, it will encourage him to try again soon.

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Chelle said...

I just love this post!
Thanks for sharing this delight filled event :)